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Tonight, by a stroke of luck, as I stepped off the train into the cold Connecticut rain to walk to the grocery store, there was a cab dropping off our stilt walker.
I grabbed the cab and remembered that there was a cinema in the shopping center and tonight Michael Jackson's "This Is It" opens. At the cinema I discovered that our ringmaster and other circus folk would be here to enjoy the show with me. Michael has been quoted stating that he wanted his tour to be the "greatest show on Earth". Well, who better than *us* to decide. 

I was expecting limited footage of actual performing with costume, lights, choreography… Boy was I in for a surprise. As a Netflix subscriber and an avid student of the Netflix College of Special Feature Commentaries, I was expecting the greatest behind-the-scenes program of all time— which it was, but much more. 
Dancers, singers, and anyone who is part of the touring industry should see “This Is It”. Everything was cutting edge. From props, set design, pre-filmed video, wardrobe… Michael even had new dance moves – as always. Looking back he was always pushing the creative and technical envelope. He’s a true innovator. And that's not hype. I think a lot of other pop acts merely use the existing tools. 
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