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I'm heading back through Texas this summer. But you don't need to be in Austin to find Alex Jones. We've all seen this guy especially on youtube. When I first heard him I thought "a young Rush Limbaugh". But I tried to remain objective and I discovered that his views were quite different from Rush. There's an online video of him getting arrested asking Governor Bush a question. Not surprising that later the Bush administration put people on the "no fly" list if they publicly said things he didn't like. You've probably heard Jones on Waco, "The Obama Deception", Loose Change, the police state, on civil liberties. He's a very passionate guy but I wasn't sure how much credibility to assign to him. I haven't seen him on the serious independent news outlets. However I have seen him in the mainstream news media. So I kept listening and this is what I learned. He says global warming is a "pseudo science" and is not caused by humans. He seems to be anti-socialist. Anti UN. Called Spike Lee a "Bootlicker". On Michael Jackson said he was a sad abused child who "clearly became a pervert". His "demonic family". "Everything about Michael Jackson makes me sick". Goes on about kidnapping good Christian people's kids. I didn't realize that it was possible for a big conspiracy theorist to buy into all that tabloid "news". He literally went on ranting and raving, groaning, and yelling over the fact that MJ was in the news. It's the first time I've heard Jones make such noises. I wonder if he hates MJ more than marshal law, US prison camps for citizens...