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Some people weren't born with the empathy gene. 

There's no reason to believe MJ abused children. That family scammed him and the police had an agenda. The family had a history of doing things like that, which we didn't hear in the news. The racist DA was glad to damage the image of a pop star because he couldn't stand the thought of white kids growing up idolizing him. Welcome to America. MJ said it best in the Billie Jean lyric "the lie becomes the truth".

I understand what the tabloid journalists do -- produce garbage. But I'm disappointed by Leno and Letterman for taking cheep shots all these years at someone as vulnerable as MJ. It's a pet peeve of mine. 

Michael didn't operate on himself. When there's bad cosmetic surgery a doctor is responsible for it. He hasn't had tons of work done. Obviously he looks different now, he's not a teenager! Do we look the way we looked then? I've known people with vitiligo my whole life. He didn't invent it. So he's supposedly ashamed of his race just because he has a relatively common skin disorder? Come on people... He was clear, he was proud of his race. Always forthright about that. So what if he had a nose job or two. White people sunbathe. I cut my hair, nails and wear deodorant. It's not self-hatred folks... So what if he likes white chicks. How does that make him less black?  Lol   

You can't say his music isn't black. Hello! You're gonna say he's not in touch with his roots?? No one is funkier than Michael. Haven't you heard "Too Bad", "Scream", "Heartbreaker", "Stranger In Moscow", "Unbreakable", "Working Day And Night"... He was very involved in performing and composing the percussion parts as well.  

And he doesn't restrict himself musically. He's explored all kinds of music. Haven't you heard his heartfelt-gut-soul-singing on, "Earth Song", "Is It Scary", "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"? 

The REAL Michael Jackson is in his music. "Heal the World", "Beat It", "Childhood", "Smile"... He's a long-haired hippy with a sequined glove -- probably worn to disguise a skin disorder. Imagine being a pop idol and experience the changes he was faced with.   

Here's a true confession, and a learning experience. When the allegations of sexual misconduct came out, and Texas djs were gossiping all day about it, and trial was going on --- I actually started to believe that MJ might be a bad person. And in protest I personally stopped listening to his music for years. 

In hindsight I'm ashamed of my stupidity. What reliable information did I base that on? There was none. So it's embarrassing, intellectually speaking. It's foolish to buy into that garbage. Nowadays you can search on Youtube for all the interviews an artist did throughout the years. I don't recall ever seeing a Michael Jackson interview before the internet. So I couldn't watch and listen to him and decide for myself. I never had cable, VH1, or MTV... so I only got the racist Texas news. 


People only believe and propagate the rumors because they're cruel by nature. We know that some people have something against black or effeminate men. Or effeminate black men... A lesser man (straight or gay) might have tried "butching" it up. But Michael never conformed to those standards. And why should he? They'd have to change the keys of all the songs. Lol 

I've studied MJ the pop star and Michael the person. Sure he was shrewd and  deliberately created a mystique. He's been called a student of PT Barnum. Sure he's unusual but he's not some weird wacko. He's not bizarre. All celebs have unflattering pictures.

The media crucified him. And lazy Americans, still thinking that the media produces actual news, ate it up.

People trust the news, not because there's any real journalism, but because of expensive graphics and the pleasant physical presence of the talking heads wearing expensive clothes. Don't forget the emotional manipulation. Once the truth is told we will be the only generation in history who believed Michael Jackson was a pervert. 

Based on my research I don't believe that MJ groped or abused any children. I do believe that he slept in the same room, which he openly discusses on camera, even before the allegations or trial. Maybe MJ had too much faith in people. His only mistake is allowing himself to be vulnerable to attack. He should have been more concerned about appearances and how people could take advantage of him. 

Michael saw himself as a caregiver. It's not weird or unusual for parents and children to fall asleep together on the couch for instance. People from large families (in small houses) understand this. 

He doesn't change who he is to avoid being misunderstood by predudiced people. Once I almost changed one of my lyrics because I could see how an ignorant person might misconstrue it in a way that could reflect badly on me in their mind. But I don't want to be unnecessarily cautious at the expense of the art. I don't want to compromise the purity and innocence.  

Even though Michael was innocent, I was forced to examine how I self-censored his music for a time. And I've learned that an artist's personal life and beliefs shouldn't matter to the listener. With all of my political views-- there wouldn't be any artists left for me to listen to because virtually none of them share all of my beliefs. 

I was such a little bitch for not listening to Dangerous when it came out. I still can't believe that I had to wait two years to listen to HIStory because Mormon missionaries aren't allowed to listen to anything but hymns. Where did I get the discipline to wait? It's astonishing to me now just how upside down my values once were (in my former Mormon life). Art, beauty, expression -- are so much more valuable and important than structured dogmatic "living". In fact it's the difference between being creative or destructive. 

I loved his last album. Many of the songs on Invincible were among his greatest all-time tracks. I wonder if people's opinion of the music was tainted by his tarnished reputation. How shallow would THAT be. Doesn't that conversely mean that the only way they knew the old stuff was great is because they were sold on the image of an artist, rather than possessing musical taste? 

Despite how he was portrayed in the media MJ was only sued by two families over ten years apart. One family originally had stated that Michael did nothing wrong. 

After they changed their story they went to an attorney before they went the police. They had a history of scamming people which was never publicized. Another thing that wasn't publicized is that Jordie's description of MJ penis didn't match. According to his description MJ was cut, but Michael was uncircumcised

Criminal claims against MJ were brought to two grand juries. Neither one would indict. There was no $20M settlement. Not even close. People think Michael paid out of pocket but his insurance handled it. For 6 attorneys, 8 hours a day it adds up. No insurance company wants to spend $20 million per year on defense when they can end it. They are a business, it's not about getting your day in court. Plus Michael's friends Liz Taylor and Lisa Marie recommended that he end it, although his original attornys wanted to fight it and made plans for a countersuit.

Think about it, MJ was an overachiever. Do you think he was going to let that drag on 7 more years with no guaranteed outcome, or just settle and END it. I think it's pushing it too far to say he was a criminal or a wacko. Settling is not an admission of guilt. Any idiot can understand why a pop artist would want to bring the lawsuit to and end and stop the bad press.

Let's talk about the maid who told the press that MJ tickled her son and got dangerously close to his penis. 1) That contradicts her sworn deposition testimony, 2) she only mentioned "tickling" AFTER she was paid $20,000 for a juicy story for Hard Copy. You decide. 

Could it be another American conspiracy to ensure no single person becomes too powerful, especially if he's black, and a peace loving person, and an environmentalist? He was completely at odds with the establishment. You can't put a bullet in ALL the black leaders, you just assassinate their reputation.

You think they're gonna just let Michael become bigger than Jesus? It's strange, people don't need proof to believe in god and they didn't need any proof to be convinced that Michael was a criminal. Don't believe everything you hear. Change the channel. One thing we know for sure, Michael Jackson was real. People will believe more in something that only exists in their imagination than something that is real, tangible, definable, measurable... 

I don't care if you don't like him as a pop star or as an artist, but what greedy predators are out there! Screw all of you (you know who you are). You must be put in your place. Finally. 

And how about that corrupt DA?... what a little bitch. The doctor threw out the baby and delivered the afterbirth!  

Too dumb to count his balls and get the same answer twice.