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Get a job at the airport screening passengers. 

Free images!! <<<<ALL DAY PASS>>>> 

Get paid to look at naked strangers!!

How about moving to LA, get a job at LAX, create a website under a pseudonym chronicling what you learn about celebs and vips. Who’s got boob jobs or scrotal penis pumps. Look at size, penile implants, who’s got one ball, piercings, past surgeries, pacemaker, colostomy inserts, mastectomies…

What qualifies these low-level security workers to do virtual strip searches? Their credit score? 

I’m talking about the privacy issues around whole body imaging. Some of the machines have x-ray radiation in addition to the radiation you already get being up in a jet. Have fun frequent flyers. 

The screener sits at a desk in another room. The system can already collect and distribute images, but they are telling us that won’t happen. Authorities already have our fingerprints and can trace private emails. What’s next, genital stats? 

What are the implications for parents and caregivers? These are not doctors sitting there having taken the Hippocratic Oath. I won’t consent to this screening and I would never consent for a child have it. 

When I flew this summer they didn’t tell me what the machine was. I should be told when someone will be viewing me naked. Perhaps I should be screening them too. History has not shown that the liberties we give up translate to greater safety or the greater good. 

How fast will these images improve with newer technology and become more photorealistic? I’m tired of these companies trying to frame the discussion from an ‘either or’ position. Safety vs. privacy. That’s misleading. That’s AD COPY, which is inappropriate on the subject of national security. 

Remember that 80% of the news is placed, i.e. paid advertising. So between the commercials is yet more advertising, but presented as news. There’s also an effort to brand the opposition as “complainers” or “paranoids” which is obnoxious. Let’s quit shaming people who don’t support bad products.

Aren’t security companies setting themselves up when they greenlight passengers with monster cocks? LOL Sounds dangerous.

Seriously though, is it enough to blur the face if there’s a chance it’ll end up the internet? Can the screener disable the blur feature? I think there should be a monitor where the public can view the screener in the other room. And to protect his privacy the camera should only show where his hands are... LOL

We should be using technologies that help us, not these wasteful and intrusive methods. 

You can’t get health care but you can have a non-physician view your internal organs. Ask them to check for cancer while they’re at it… 


Naked Scanner 

You can see stomach contents (as well as the correspondent’s ball sac…) 

These are funny.