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"I record piano and guitar-based Rock music. I’ve been compared to The Fray, Queen, Michael W. Smith and Elton John. I want to share my joy and pain to comfort - to use music for escapism."   



Ryan States: How Do You Know (You


"How Do You Know (You're In Love?) [Mike Ator Club Remix] - Single"

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Ryan States: Strange Town

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"Guitars jangle and chime (and occasionally shred), the piano hops like a New Orleans beer hall...  will stir the soul of any radio listener from the late ’80s, gay or straight... Had States been around back when this kind of music was popular… Strange Town would easily have saved the lives of a couple thousand boys coming to terms with their feelings."

  [David Medsker, Bullz-Eye]


"...earnest piano... States’ clarion voice that evokes Julian Lennon more than Ben Folds... an album that is as rich and honest as the train tracks States has traveled."

[Jack Winn, Racket Magazine]


"States' best talents seem to come through his fingers, as he wails in a riff on "In The Game" or the poetic piano on "I Will Find My Way."

[Sonic Dissonance]


"Not the happiest album you'll ever come across, but all the better for it."

[Steven Reid, Sea of Tranquility]


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